CentOS 7 minimal install

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This post shows a small installation guide on how to install a Cent OS 7 minimal iso.

  • Download the Minimal iso at https://www.centos.org/download/
  • Setup a VM, I use VMWare Fusion here. With the following resources:
    • 2 Cores
    • 4 GByte RAM
    • A disk with 20 GByte with 2 GB for /boot, 8 GByte swap and  10 GByte for /
    • A disk with 20 GByte for /data
  • Choose Etc/UTC as timezone and partition the system to use the first disk with the our choose layout.

Custom virtual machine

Choose RedHat 7.0 64-bit, as CentOS is close to this

Create a new virtual disk (20GB)

Use ||Custom Settings||

Save as ||CentOS 7 minimal||

Overview Settings

Choose 2 cores and 4GB aka 4096M Memory

Choose bridge network

Add another 20 GB disk

Remove Soundcard, Printer port and USB port

Synchronize time and power status

Select the downloaded image and enable the iso

Start installation of CentOS 7

Starting the install

Choose language

Overview setup options

Set time to Etc/UTC

Software minimal install

Overview disks

/dev/sda1, 2GB, ext4, /boot



Start the install and set a root password

Installation done and now reboot

Login and do: df -h;free -h;ip a

Now we have to fix the network link, for the beginning I use a NAT ethernet to avoid external take over, before I’m finished with the installation.


and restart the network

Initiate the first yum update

yum update

yum clean all

All screenshots, step by step