Mathias Brandstetter

-mat- filid brandy

Senior system admin, application developer, system architect and analyst

Database Administrator, and Project Manager in a wide variety of internet based applications. Particularly interested in system architecture design using PHP, Perl, Shell, awk, expect, sed, JavaScript, Java, C, C++. In-depth knowledge about XHTML/CSS, OOP and modularized system setups. Works in Internet since 1988.

Skype: matfilidbrandy
Threema: S6M9HUV6
GPG PublicKey 418F0ED5
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  • IP v4
  • IP v6
  • IPX
  • SNMP
  • ICMP
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • DHCP
  • Bonjour/Avahi/ZeroConf
  • NFS
  • CIFS/Samba
  • LDAP
  • VPN
  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • CSS
  • rsyslog


  • PHP
  • PEAR
  • Perl
  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Pascal
  • Basic
  • Lisp
  • Arduino style
  • SQL
  • Shell (csh,tcsh, zsh,bash,ksh)
  • awk
  • expect
  • sed
  • CVS/subversion/git
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • MVC
  • puppet


  • Adobe AEM System Administration
  • Infovista
  • ARS remedy
  • NetCool
  • BMC patrol
  • VMware/ESX
  • Microsoft Word/Excel/Access
  • PhotoShop
  • SoftImage
  • SAP/R3 ABAP/4

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • BSD
  • SunOS/Solaris
  • MacOS 10.4-10.11
  • Irix
  • HP-UX
  • Sinix
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

OpenSource Applications

  • Sendmail/Postfix
  • spam assassin/clamav/greylisting
  • imap/pop3
  • busybox
  • tinylogin
  • mySQL/mariaDB
  • postgreSQL
  • OpenLDAP
  • rrdtool
  • cricket
  • OpenNMS
  • LibreNMS
  • Observium
  • Apache
  • nginx
  • varnish
  • lib_dispatch
  • haproxy
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • OpenVPN
  • OpenSSH
  • Asterisk
  • TeX/LaTeX
  • OpenOffice/LibreOffice
  • gnuplot
  • povray
  • Linux (Debian,RedHat,SuSe,CentOS,Mandriva,Ubuntu)
  • graylog2
  • elastic search
  • saltstack
  • Ansible2
  • Vagrant
  • OpenSCAD

How to get in contact with me

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Professional Experience

Senior System Administrator, 2008.06 - ,Trend Micro Deutschland GmbH, Munich
My current employment is with Trend Micro Deutschland GmbH, where I’m responsible for the customer facing web server of the marketing division.

Project involved:

  • Running the Imperia CMS on a HP EVA and HP Cluster
  • Running HA setup of 650+ domains
  • Moving the Imperia from Version 8.0.6 to 9.0 and moving from CentOS5 to CentOS6
  • Moving the complete installation to a new datacenter
  • Improving throughput for the web servers by switching from Apache to Nginx, Varnish, Apache setuo
  • Rebuilding the cluster in VMware ESX environment and migration of service to it. Decommissioning of the old HP Cluster hardware
  • Design, implementation and operations of the new setup for the WordPress based blogs, based on CentOS6 and Debian7
  • Design, implementation and operations of a new web server setup for the 650 domains moving from CentOS6 to Debian 7
  • Upgrade project for Imperia from 9.0 to 9.2
  • Design, implementation and operations of a setup for Adobe AEM CMS
Senior Consultant, 2007.12 - 2008.04, CSNet GmbH, Munich
I helped to startup the Munich residence of a the Berlin based Company as Senior Consultant, which is managing systems for Cable&Wireless and for various customers.
Senior Systems Engineer, 2004-2007.11, Cable&Wireless Telecommunication Services GmbH, Munich
Integration of the following products into the 4SURE customer portal ( „Intelligent Working“ a SIP service management; „DDoS Mitigation“ a reporting for a DDoS mitigation running on Cisco Guards and Arbor Network Boxes; „GNAM“ a full fledged system reporting for services and system to support customers and internal needs. I worked together with the maintainer of the other portal within the Cable&Wireless group to build a strategy for a single portal. During the rebranding of the company, I developed the XHTML and CSS layouts and styleguides for all the customer facing webpages.

Projects involved:

  • Badger: I wrote the handover documentation for the 4SURE portal and the SLABox solution.
  • Accordion: Setting up a complete site redundant system for the 4SURE portal in the datacenter in Swindown, UK to backup Munich datacenter.
  • Dorothy: Negotiations about a new approach to unify the system landscape.
Senior Systems Engineer, 2003-2004, Cable&Wireless Deutschland GmbH, Munich
Due to organisational restructuring within Cable&Wireless there was a flatting of the hierarchy, our team was merged with different departments. My main focus was to integrate more systems like, SMARTS, Clarify and BMC reporting into the web portal.

Projects involved:

  • Tiger: Database cleansing and consolidation of the european system platform.
  • Genoa: When Cable&Wireless exited the US market, I was responsible for the development, integration and replacement of the ISICS SLA solution. I developed a mini-ITX based hardware, fitted a Linux system on it and was able to build a very reliable hardware probe. The probes were installed in all major nodes of the Cable&Wireless public internet and measured the quality of the network. The other part of the development focused on the administration and reporting of the measured values, which I included in the webportal of Cable&Wireless. ( Also moved from the US system were order management and port allocation web interfaces.
Cable&Wireless Worldwide Winner Award 2003
I got this award for the development of the SLABox solution
Manager of Operation/Business System Support Europe, 2000-2003, Cable&Wireles Deutschland GmbH, Munich
I was manager of five colleagues and we integrated Arbor billing and Netcool. Traffic data collection from Cisco, Juniper, Unisphere etc via SNMP and ftp. Rearchitecture of the customer facing support portal build on Apache, PHP, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. (ca. 500 users)

Projects involved:

  1. UK Hosting: I integrated the reporting for the UK hosting department. They are enabled to use the webportal to access all the related data and reports.

  2. PESP (Pan European Support Platform): We build a new system landscape to unify the cross european systems into a single platform . I was responsible for the system and business analysis and build the system architecture. We were able to build the first single-sign-on webportal combining all databases and reportings into one frontend. We gathered information from InfoVista, Remedy, Netcool, cricket etc. This Customer Support Environment (CSE) later became the 4SURE portal.

Network Engineer at Network Managment and Integration Tools, 2000-1999, Cable&Wireless ECRC GmbH, Munich
Installation, administration and map support for HP Openview NNM. Traffic collection with NNM and mediation for billing. Administration and application development on ARS Remedy, eg. cable database for managing datacenter cabeling. Setup of an intranet reporting server to give employees in NOC visibility of the status of the network. Network SLA testing with an ICMP based solution. Testing of Quallaby, Infovista and Concord NetHealth.

Projects involved:

  • Night moves: Complete move of a datacenter from the old to a new location.
  • Hurricane: Process definition project, where I helped to implement the processes into the Remedy system.
Embedded Developer, 1999, Atmiralis, Munich
I build a small linux based embedded distribution for the customer Kayser-Trede. The installation was able to communicate over the serial port to manage the power units produced by Kayser-Trede. To get remote access to the boxes, ISDN was used for out-of-band and ssh for internet access. Management of the boxes was done via a webfrontend and the system was build fault-tolerant. The system was later used to control the power station for the russian space station MIR.
Chief Engineer, 1996-1999, TouchNet GmbH, Munich
With TouchNet I build the customer facing information portal, which combined the output of the traffic reporting and several self-services. The system for traffic collection, mediation and presentation was designed and developed by myself.
Chief Technical Officer, 1994-1996, Phönix Verlag, Weilburg
Within the two years my team of four people and I was able to build up an ISP from scratch. We enabled our customers to have access to the internet, Mail and Webhosting and a portal framework for small advertisments, which was used by the city of Weilburg.
Student worker, 1990, Siemens/Nixdorf, Munich
I build a system to check data integrity of the backup and restore frontend for data held in the BS2000 system.
Student worker, 1989, Siemens, Munich
I build the backup and restore frontend, this Pascal based system were used by employees to manage the backup/restore of their data, without knowing BS2000.
Student support, 1988-1993, University of Saarland, Saarbrücken
Building Mail, ftp, news, gopher and later webservices for the students of the philosophical faculty. Build the first interactive map and building information system for the university.
System administration, 1986-1988, Bundeswehr Büchel
Systemadministration and report generation of the various information systems for the use of personnel administration.

Other Experience

CoderDojo is a movement to teach Kids from 7-17 years programming and use of computers. We have a monthly meet up to teach kids. The goal is, that the kids are able to teach other kids. See: CoderDojo Munich
Teaching others on how to use the Internet safely in regard to security, encryption and data protection
Talks for Munich Linux Meeting
I held several talks at the bi-monthly munich Linux Stammtisch


Adobe AEM System Administrator, Adobe, Munich, 2016
ISEB - Business Analysis Essentials, London, 2007
I did pass the exam of the course “Business Analysis Essentials” of the ISEB.
Working with british partners, Cable&Wireless, Spitzingsee, 2005
Infovista VistaBridge, VistaPortal, VistaMart, VistaServer, Cable&Wireless, Coventry/UK, 2005
HP OpenView NetworkNodeManager 6.0 Administration Part 2, Hewlett-Packard, Munich 2000
User Forum Conference, Hewlett-Packard, Orlando/FL, 2000
HP OpenView NetworkNodeManager 6.0 Administration Part I, Hewlett-Packard, Munich 1999
ATM, Cable&Wireless, Munich, 1999
Cisco Support Pro, Cisco, Munich, 1997
Java, Sun Microsystems, Munich, 1996
Application Developer Network, Communication, Unix and Administrator SAP R/3, 1993-1994
ZWF Siemens/Nixdorf GmbH, Saarbrücken
Computer science, not graduate, Vordiplom Medizintechnik (2.0), 1989-1994
University of Saarland, Saarbrücken
Study of Mathematics, 1988-1989
University of Saarland, Saarbrücken
Abitur 1986
Gymnasium am Krebsberg, Neunkirchen/Saar