With the transition from MobileMe to iCloud some valued service are dropped. The one I’ll miss the most is the keychain sync between all the machines. That frankly was the reason in the first place, why I bought MobileMe. But a good friend of mine felt the same pain and created a perfect replacement, which is called Keychain2Go.

It consists of two components, one running on your Macs and one running on your iOS devices, like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You are able to sync your keychain between Macs in the same network via Bonjour. Furthermore you are able to sync the keychain to your iPhone. And that keychain travels with you to your office network, where it does sync with your office Macs. All in all you not only have a keychain sync between all your Macs again, you also have your keychain on the iPhone for the first time.

Here are the screenshots from the iOS client: