Part 1 of Geocaching with the iPhone

How to use Maps to find your cache

iCache Geocoin

iCache Geocoin

Maps does not have any direct support with the site. Nor any support for paperless geocaching. But if you have your coordinates with you, you are not lost. Maps accept the following as a valid coordinate entry:

48 09.423 11 23.648 (which translates into N 48° 09.423′ and E 11° 23.648′)

Which looks like this:

you can save it or send it to a friendMaps autmagically converts into decimal degreesEntering the coordinates and press search

You can use -48° to go to the southern hemisphere or -11° to go west.

Supported map types:

  • Google satellite
  • Google street
  • Google hybrid (street + satellite)


  • satellite view for the closing in part and checking of correctness
  • routing to the destination


  • It is a map only application